Meria With Rowland Morgan “911 Revealed”

where's the plane?

2/28/08 Meria interviews Rowland Morgan again, on his book “9/11 Revealed,The Unanswered Questions” ; 9/11 was an elaborate facade; false flag operation; one MUST remain skeptical; hijacker info came from tortured info; Zelikow in touch with the White House throughout the investigation; lies to war, lies for 9/11; LIHOP or MIHOP; what evidence is there of the supposed phone calls? Cheney/Bush opposition to investigation; anthrax attack disappearance; panic/terror then war; Patriot Act; Jessica Lynch propaganda; Bin Laden the 9/11 bogeyman; Bhutto on Bin Laden; Pearl Harbor; US Foreign policy; EB-4 plane over the WH when Pentagon exploded (command and control?); boxcutters prohibited weapons; phone calls as hearsay; Where were the bodies; wide black belts; what happened to the passengers? Operation Northwoods; Griffiss/Rome Air force base – research and radar; If Bldg 7 was prewired, were they all?


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