Meria with Steven Hairfield – Metaphysics and the Bible

Steven Hairfield

5/20/08 Meria interviews Author, Teacher Steven Hairfield, PhD on his latest work : A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible”. Albert Einstein’s view of god, Jews, and the Bible; Who is Issa? Is the bible metaphysical? If the creator is perfect isn’t all creation perfect? Who wrote the bible? 5 editors who picked and chose; Jew -mixed thinking; what did virgin mean? Jesus a reiki master; created in equality – equal to the creator; witnessing the birth of our own divine nature; Buddha on “god”; dream interpretations; astrology and the bible; are you in your right brain? control or free thinking; the book of Ezekiel; UFO’s and aliens in the bible; detachment; blame game; are we already in 2012? Is infinity true? A very lively enjoyable chat for sure.


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