Mothers Day with Meria & Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen “Urgent Message From Mother”

Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

5/11/08 Meria interviews Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, author, teacher, psychiatrist, Clinical Professor of psychiatry at Univ of California, San Francisco this Mother’s Day on her latest book “Urgent Message From Mother, Gather the Women, Save the World”. Critical mass now needed; THE message from Mother Earth; women must bring their gifts forward and create peace; from patriarchy to real change; before god was goddess; overpopulation; fratricidal wars; Rwanda as Cain & Abel repeat; difference between male and female brains; women’s conversations vs. men’s; exceptional men; www.standingwomen.org; Nelson Mandela a terrorist?; what would women spend the world’s purse on? microloans; women over fifty need to give back; spirituality unites people of the world; how to recognize your “assignment” when it comes along; crones don’t whine; wisdom and compassion and so much more.


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