Meria With Dean Lawrence Velvel – Constitutional Coup

Dean Lawrence Velvel

6/23/08 Meria interviews Dean Lawrence Velvel of the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover. Lawrence sued the U.S. Govt on the Constitutionality of the Vietnam war; the school’s 20th anniversary for the working class, minorities and economically challenged; Why do they reject the American Bar Association? “how did we repeat the raging crisis of Vietnam in Iraq”?; Did Congress authorize war on Iraq; delegation of power; Harry Truman responsible for everything since going into Korea without a declaration of war; cutting off war funds – useless power; impeachment is hopeless; how to bring these cases to trial – foreign tribunals necessary like Nuremberg; Pentagon attorneys facilitated war crimes and rewarded for it; violations of American and International law; CIA – why the demand for memorandums? King George; Constitutional coup; Conference in Sept on prosecuting war criminals; Supreme Court on habeus corpus; McCain’s Supreme Court will be a nightmare; Why lifetime appointees? Mainstream media and Justice Roberts (cover up); celebrification of American life; big money owns BOTH parties; check out his blog: Velvel on National Affairs; and more.


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