Meria With Tom Cryer, Atty – Is Taxing Our Income Legal?


6/10/08 Meet Tom Cryer, Attorney who was indicted for two counts of tax evasion, acquitted of all charges after enduring a two year smear and fear campaign! Why Wesley Snipes? What is the IRS statute on income tax? Should you stop paying your taxes? Beware of the snake oil salesmen; Is income tax voluntary? illusion of liability – profits vs. earnings; govt can only tax what they have a right to govern; “the power of taxes is the power to destroy”; Fundamental rights vs. Constitutional rights; unite to make the IRS follow the law; the tools of the IRS; the Fed Reserve, marriage of big biz and govt =fascism; Don’t sacrifice your freedom by not paying taxes; paying tribute to thieves; What can be taxed? What can you do? Enlist at Truth Attack and make the govt follow the law!


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