Meria With Ross Hemsworth – The Dead Are Talking!

Ross Hemsworth

9/29/08 Meria Interviews U.K. Television, Radio Star Ross Hemsworth on his book “The Dead Are Talking, Proof of An Afterlife?”. Produced the series “Ghost Detectives”; originally a skeptic, what changed his mind?the personal cost of his work; convincing oneself against what you see and experience; Dr.Sam Parnia on NDE’s; orbs- balls of light, what are they? something leaves the body after death and it has some weight to it; ADHD is a gift not an illness; believing is seeing; “look for the natural first, supernatural last” – Sun Bear; Indigo kids; science fiction writers as seers? what is paranormal? Jesus as a ghost after death; parallel dimensions; Nick Pope – UK’s “X Files”; crop circles; subterraneans; is time circular, not linear? seeing out the corner of your eye; sleep paralysis; EVP’s; crisis apparitions; Knights Templar’s graves “I will return”; past lives, aliens, and so much more.


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