Meria With Dr. Paul Connett- the Poison Fluoride

Dr.Paul Connett

1/7/09 Meria Interviews Dr.Paul Connett, Executive Director of the Fluoride Action Network. Paul is a professor of chemistry and this show puts the fluoride issue at forefront. Dioxin & fluoride; fluoride is extremely active in human tissue; mother’s milk; do we have any need for fluoride? Are we poisoning our babies? Dental fluorosis; endorsed in 1950 without any testing, no tests yet; where are the studies proving it’s good for you? osteoporosis and bone fractures; fluoride and IQ scores; DC’s reaction to the National Research Council Report of 2006; Pineal gland; gravy train for the dental industry; 53 cities voted no to fluoridation; informed citizens given a choice will reject fluoridation; is bottled water safe?fluoride and the poor; tea is high in fluoride; Laws need to be changed; get info to your medical professionals; predecessor- mercury amalgams; thyroid function; fluoride “fatigue”; Alzheimers - accumulation in the bones; and much more.


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  1. par1 says:

    Great show Meria!

  2. Meria says:

    Thank you. I thought so too. The archives have tons of great shows!

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