Meria With Paul Craig Roberts – The People Be Damned

Paul Craig Roberts

3/11/09 Meria interviews Paul Craig Roberts, former Asst Secy to Treasury under Reagan on his latest article “The People Be Damned”. Obama – the president of special interests; US elite vs. US workers; Paul’s view on the election; Dems won’t be any different; Wheres the bailout for the American people? nothing to stop foreclosures-troubled assets; National deficit – how will they finance it? monetizing debt; worse nightmare of globalization; can’t fix problem by expanding credit;what would work? reinstate the upkick rule; stop short sales of national currencies; class warfare; buy American clause; keep American workers not more H-1B work visas; stimulus geared towards infrastructure NOT factories; bring back offshored jobs; American lifestyle over; protectionism; civil war; stock market needs to go down; we have no leaders we can get behind; depression is here; unemployment already 18% if counted right.


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