Meria With Stephen Hawley Martin – Life After Death

10/21/09 Meria interviews Stephen Hawley Martin on his book “The Science of Life After Death”. Do we cease to exist at death? conciousness outside the body;the mind and the brain;NDE’s – Akashic records; US Army’s “Stargate”; remote viewing;readings and discarnates;the dead in our dreams;table tipping;possession; receiving a transplant; reincarnation;birthmarks;the Church & exorcisms;fear of death stops you from living;life on Earth – a day at an amusement park;science-religion-life; Edgar Cayce on reincarnation; memories – where are they stored? what are we? Life review or judgement? Meria’s NDE and auditing; All is illusion; psychic predictions; Skylab’s fall to Earth-who saw it? sexuality as a carry over and lots more.


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