Meria With Greg Reid -Think & Grow Rich, Three Feet From Gold

Greg Reid, author

12/9/09 Meria interviews Greg Reid, co-author of “Think and Grow Rich, Three Feet from Gold, Turn Your Obstacles into Opportunities”. How the book affected Meria; gold fever-quitting 3 ft short; Never give up or quit; timeless advice for times like these; facing addictions with the 13 principles; are others thinking you really? counsel vs. opinion; the people you meet,the books you read; run from negative people; What company do you keep? passion isn’t enough; losing as an oppty; difference between being broke and poor; replace your wishbone with a backbone; when not to make life changing decisions; first five minutes dictate your day; stickability; cooperation vs. competition; and more.


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2 Responses to "Meria With Greg Reid -Think & Grow Rich, Three Feet From Gold"

  1. Alida Rens says:

    Great show, thanks for all the tips. I’ve just purchased all three books at Amazon.com (Outwitting the Devil, Three feet from Gold and Think and grow rich)

  2. Meria says:

    Great, they are 3 of my favorite books! Enjoy.

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