Meria With Rebecca Em Campbell – “Campbell vs. the United States”

Rebecca Em Campbell - Activist

1/12/10 Meria interviews Rebecca Em Campbell, activist, on her lawsuit agains the U.S. Government on forced H1N1 vaccines. Hypocrisy Now – alternative media? International truth movement; corruption of the media; who’s funding the “alternative” media? Seattle – handed to Goodman, why no coverage? Naval weapons testing; 9/11-thermite? Economic system needs to be completely overhauled; Saboteurs in truth movement and freelance amateurs; Her whole system view on vaccination gets her attacked; her case “Campbell vs. the U.S.”; vaccination movement; underpinnings of genocide and the depopulation agenda; fraudulent contract of forced vaccines; June 2000 meeting – CDC,FDA, etc in Norcross, Ga.,-safety of vaccines? None conspired to conceal the evidence; Jane Burgermeister’s work; the Constitutional basis of her case; redress of grievances;forced vaccines break the 1st,4th,5th,7th,8th,9th,10th and 14th amendments; the right to secede; waiting on the Federal Govt’s response.


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