Meria With Susan Levin “21 Day Kickstart”

Go Veg! Get Healthy!

2/9/10 Meria interviews Susan Levin, Director of Nutrition and Education with Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine on Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr.John McDougall and Dr. Dean Ornish’s  “21 Day Kickstart” Program. Sign up and begin on March 1st.Many people have asked how to get started on healthy eating, here it is and it’s FREE. Motivation to get started; the 3 week plan; “Breaking the Food Seduction” (see archives); community forum; constipation, joint pain, weight loss, better skin,improved lab tests;good side effects; reversing time by changing your diet; Obama’s health care?  What about prevention? cleansing your palate from fat, sugar, etc; cooking vegetarian;movie stars who are vegan; salmonella comes from intestine – factory farms; blood pressure; protein in everything we eat; 1/3 of broccoli calories are protein; Americans eat too much protein; Protein diseases; calcium and bone disease; what you get when you sign up! Sign up today!


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