Meria With Chavah Aima – Guru Buster

Chavah Aima - Guru Buster

3/3/10 Meria Interviews Chavah Aima, Guru buster, psychotherapist on how tell a fake guru from a good spiritual teacher; James Arthur Ray and the sweat lodge deaths; do white people have any magic of their own? talk or walk the talk? real spiritual teachers/leaders;Guru’s of India; using sexuality for control; sex and followers; what transfers during the sex act?transferring karma; how to tell a false teacher from a real teacher;mind control or spiritual teaching; hypnotic speech patterns; occult phenomena as a tool; empowering others; traps along the spiritual path; ego and the scientific mind;benefits of good and bad teachers; mediums and channels can get into trouble; working with the deceased; how to take your power back from a false guru; cult of personality; money and spirituality; 2012 prophecies; a new way/world; mastery eliminates mystery; information is power; spirituality can be simple; trust your intuition and more. Chavah is an amazing spirit.


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