Meria With Ian Fletcher “Free Trade Doesn’t Work”

5/11/10 Meria Heller interviews Ian Fletcher, Adjunct Fellow at San Francisco Office of US Business asnd Industry, council economist, author of Free Trade Doesnt’ Work, What Should Replace It and Why; U.S. exports wiped out a lot of farming and manufacturing in Mexico, eliminating jobs; NAFTA; U.S. can’t compete under “free trade”; flat tariffs a good answer; mercantilism being played by China; Is the recession ending? What’s propping up on national debt? Rahm Emmanuel-putting it off to next election; no diff in Obama/Bush trade policy;Goldman Sachs “too big to fail”; congress and free trade;myth of free trade; 1970’s to now; will U.S. end up like Argentina? can we trust the economists? trickle down economics increases inequality; 10 yrs from now; externalities;economy needs continual innovation; no net new jobs in 10 yrs; new deal economy;shared prosperity; socialism; Nixon and the gold standard;Bretton Woods system; manipulation; where’s the debate on free trade? and more.


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