Blood & Guts with Meria & Jack Blood

Meria & Jack Blood

8/31/10 Latest “Blood & Guts” with Meria & Jack Blood. What’s up with the anti-war movement? Is the war really over in Iraq? If so, why the new redeployment? Is America over? biometrics – convenience or Big Brother? “going along to get along”; are you addicted? the economy and the “recovery”; where’s the money and jobs? Bancor – new money; Hopium addicts; BP & Obama; Robert Gibbs attack on his own; Gates-McChrystal-Tillman; taking our country back how and when; Wikileaks – what happened? 9/11 Truth ten years later; 9/11 truth party a new political party; Chelsea Clintons new Goldman Sachs husband; the spirit of the human race can’t be crushed.


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2 Responses to "Blood & Guts with Meria & Jack Blood"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    I’m not sure why we did not hear EVERYone talking about how reprehensible it was that Chelsea Clinton’s wedding cost so much AND disrupted the lives of everyone living in the town in which the wedding was held. It might be because on TV, there are currently at least four reality shows that are pushing people to spend their last dimes on the “happiest day of their lives.” Ugh.

  2. terry walker says:

    I concur with Deborah and want to acknowledge your expose’ on this “regal” union… this would never have been tolerated in the 30′s when the country was experiencing a similar decline in the economy and thanks for pointing that out while the country is surviving on “hot air”.

    Once again I’m prompted to describe the current state of the union as one existing entirely on hot air… we’ve been flying high while running out of steam and all I can think of is that the chickens are about to come home to roost. A good day for chicken-lovers and a bad one for those that aren’t willing to take care of them.

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