Meria With John West -Assisting Your Parents With Suicide?

Give Me Liberty At My Death Please

8/11/10 Meria Heller interviews John West, author of “The Last Goodnights, Assisting My Parents with Their Suicides”. What would you do? Learn what this courageous son did for his parents; John holds a law degree and is now an activist for death with dignity. Euthanasia for pets but not people we love? death as a personal choice; medicine keeps us living longer, not necessarily better; medicine keeps us dying longer too; the privilege of dying at home; John’s parents were both medical professionals and knew what to expect; medicine – corporatized bureau-craptic; the issues around death decisions; Oregon, Washington State & Montana – assisted death; Is suicide legal?His dad’s cancer, his mom’s alzheimer’s; “Soylent Green” and going home; warehousing of the elderly; the elder care industry; the pact between parent and child; socio-economics of the issue; the great “depression” and more. Fabulous book.


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