Meria With Dahr Jamail “The Will to Resist”


Dahr Jamail, Journalist

Meria Heller interviews Dahr Jamail on his excellent book “The Will to Resist, Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq & Afghanistan”. This book is a MUST for anyone considering the military. The military are victims of propaganda; “Support & Defend the Constitution by means of lawful orders”; duty bound to resist invasions/occupations; support the troops? Suicides and mental damage; returning to nothing; 30% return mentally damaged; 18 veteran suicides a day; the military the only ones hiring; recruitment “promises”; what’s it like over there? In service or jail? Vietnam’s G.I. resistance; low morale; why are they there? the draft; the media; virtual missions, search and avoid; IVAW “Winter Soldier” conference; war on reporters; the Palestine Hotel; AWOL & deserters; sexism, rape, murder and homophobia in the military; 1 in 3 women raped before discharge; La Vena Johnson – suicide? murder & rape covered up; how to stop the war and much more.


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  1. Edward Safranski says:

    Regarding the subject of Americans having inferior equipment, I read a great article on http://www.rense.com about seven or eight years ago. Many Americans are being killed because their Humvees are garbage. The perfect solution is the FLEA, Forward Light Escort Armored. It does away with all of the disadvantages of the Humvee, is cheaper, and would offer excellent protection against IEDs and roadside bombs. The military brass and politicians killed the FLEA project because the inventor of the FLEA was openly critical of Israel!

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