Meria With Dr. Paul Connett – The Case Against Fluoride

Dr. Paul Connett

10/7/10 Dr.Paul Connett is the guest of Meria Heller today. He has co-authored “The Case Against Fluoride” along with a physicist, biologist & of course chemist. The Similac recall; fluoride in mother’s milk is lower than tap water & formula; what is fluoride? tooth decay? the warning on the tubes of toothpastes; the betrayal of public trust; where’s the fluoride coming from? hazardous waste of phosphate fertilizer industry, not pharmaceutical grade fluoride; using our water supply as a delivery system for “medicine” without our permission, consent or debate. is fluoride reactive? mixing fluoride with chlorine/lead; the politics of fluoride; ADA; educate your dentist; dental fluorosis; bone fractures and children; any studies done? fired for truth telling; bone cancer & fluoride; Alzheimers, beta amyloids and fluoride; thyroid interference, lower IQ’s; no study = no harm? ; fertility levels dropping and so much more. Share this information with the world!


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