Meria With Frank Ahearn – How to Disappear!

Frank Ahearn - Skip Tracer

10/13/10 Ever wanted to disappear? Meria Heller interviews Frank Ahearn, skip tracer and co-author of “How to Disappear, Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish Without a Trace”. Even if you don’t want to disappear, there are important issues you need to know about your technical equipment, especially before tossing them! how to take down information on the internet; what is a skip tracer? Frank and Monica Lewinsky and other famous people; why do people disappear?how to track someone down; doctor forms and your social security number; data mining; check the small print; using social media with caution; talking on your cell phone; use a prepaid cell phone for privacy; spoof card; freedom phones – no GPS; the Easy Pass; the 3 step process to disappearing; biometrics; freedom vs. laws for “safety”; identity theft; credit card companies & ID theft; what about your computer? hard drive? back ups? printers? Blackberry’s? What do you do with the old ones when you get a new one? how to relocate offshore; what to know; is a false ID a good idea? Very interesting show and book.


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One Response to "Meria With Frank Ahearn – How to Disappear!"

  1. James Brocato says:

    Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

    “THANK YOUs” to both Frank and Meria for this show. Such great information!

    Frank’s statement is spot-on: “Sometimes non-technology is a better answer than technology”.

    Right on. Many people are so under the illusion that “technology” drives everything. This is a very grave illusion and error – no doubt intended by those who would create humans into heartless, soulless beings. Obviously, some “forces” are intending just that.

    Just this morning I synchronistically overheard a conversation where a woman was saying “technology drives business”. This is a grave error which is being propagated.

    What happened to soul-consciousness? What happened to heart-centered business?

    Humans are at a crossroads. Choice is available. Which direction do we wish to take our communities and Mother Earth?

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