Organic Transitions with Meria & Alexis Baden-Mayer – Thanksgiving Show

What we Owe The Native Americans

11/23/10 Latest Organic Transitions with Meria Heller & Alexis Baden-Mayer of Organic Consumers Association. S510- what it is, and what it isn’t; is your garden safe? S510 Food Safety Modernization Act; buy organic local food; CAFO; bill not good for small producers, organic farmers, raw milk; irradiating food – killing off nutrition; What’s in your Thanksgiving dinner? trans fats, Monsanto, GE crops; Ritz & cheese? food additives; Bush Sr. & GE foods; NEVER any independent review of GE foods; GMO salmon & the FDA; Omega 3′s – Flaxseed, Hemp; IGF1 levels and cancer; chicken nuggets – 1/3 chicken, rest?; wild foods are being eliminated from the planet; Alaskan salmon good for you; Pebble Mine & Alaska; 75% of world food originated in the America’s thanks to Native Americans; sustainable cultivation; the 3 sisters; Native & African Americans created the wealth in this country; and more “stuff”.


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2 Responses to "Organic Transitions with Meria & Alexis Baden-Mayer – Thanksgiving Show"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    Another interview with Alexis just jam-packed with information people really need to know. I wish she could get interviewed on Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow to get the information out to a wider audience. (Like THAT will ever happen.) Even if you take just one “bite” of information from this interview and relay it to everyone with whom you eat a meal, it can have enormous impact in achieving awareness and mindfulness about what we are all doing to filthy the planet – either through our actions or our neglect to take action.

  2. Meria says:

    I agree. Alexis does a fabulous job as do so many others.

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