Special “Lost” Show – Meria With Victoria Collier “Votescam”

He Who Counts the Votes Win!

11/2/10 On Election Day, Meria Heller puts up a “lost” episode of her show. Victoria Collier, daughter of James Collier, of the brothers¬† James & Kenneth Collier, heroes and writers of “Votescam, The Stealing of America”. This show was recorded¬† on August 20, 2002. “Why can’t we vote the bastards out? Because my god we didn’t vote the bastards in”. You’ve heard Meria refer to this show for years, now thanks to Meria digging through her archives, it’s here on Election Day for you to hear. Meria highly recommends this book!


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9 Responses to "Special “Lost” Show – Meria With Victoria Collier “Votescam”"

  1. Megan Hull says:

    Um I’m getting Dr. Arun Ghandi when I down load this track. :) Which is FINE with me.
    I needed to hear JUST THAT tonight.
    :) Thanks!

  2. Meria says:

    that was my mistake. I’ve corrected it. Gandhi will be put on site in a while.

  3. Brian Pomeranz says:

    Did you notice that this woman’s website is now down and her book is almost completely gone? I could only find 2 copies of it: one in amazon for $180 and one in e-bay for $12.

    unfortunately the only copy left for sale in the whole internet is now the $180 amazon (guess who bought the $12 and will be reading it soon?? ME!)

    add this to my small list of priceless and extinct books I told you about… sad, very sad…

  4. meria says:

    Yes, that’s what makes this interview so valuable.

  5. bosco says:

    I have been wondering for years what happened to her and why she would let the website go.

    Did she graduate earthly existence (at least for now?)

    I’ve also wondered about both her father and uncle being decimated by cancer, so quickly. Perhaps it was less than happenstance?

    There are several copies on Amazon for a buck plus $4 shipping at the time I wrote this.

    You can still get the first five chapters online from the archive of her site, thanks to the wayback machine. Google wayback machine and then enter votescam.com

    2006 has 88 pages, so that’s the best one to click on I think

    Gotta love the wayback machine

    I’m tempted to type out the book and put it on a website

    Victoria has a great summary article here:


  6. Meria says:

    At the time she was tired of it, who can blame her. Have lost touch with her since.

  7. D says:

    Hello Meria!
    Thank you so much for doing this! What a service to the world.
    I have an idea. Perhaps somebody can post the book much like a Google book to their website. This would get the material out to the public. If it is possible to contact Victoria, an arrangement can be made for proceeds to go to her. That book has got to get out to the pubic, and the Federal interference has got to be surmounted. If many people posted that book by pre-arrangement with Victoria and got the proceeds to her, then we can overcome the Federal blackout. It might be good to do this on websites internationally too. People overseas need to know what we Americans are up against, and it might be harder for the Feds to cover over foreign websites??

  8. D says:

    PS Friends in case it was not more clear prior, I am posting tihs because Victoria Collier’s website was covered over in an obvious attempt to black out her name, the book and the market for it.
    We shall overcome, but we must be proactive and determined.

  9. Meria says:

    Victoria is alive and well and contacted me recently. She is working on altogether new stuff. When she’s ready I’ll have her back on the show.

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