Meria With Bob Chapman – The International Forecast

No Money For Us

12/7/10 Meria Heller interviews Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster; Pearl Harbor a set up, code broken way before MIHOP; Wikileaks a psyop – CIA/Mossad playmasters; nothing new released; Israel? Boehner vs. Ron Paul 202-225-6205 Boehners office; Bernie Sanders speech; get rid of the Fed; Financial Services Subcommittee and Ron Paul; Ireland; bailing out the banks not the people; financial bankruptcy for Europe-eventual; 5 yr depression beats 30 yrs of bondage; Will the EU breakup? Unemployment 26 yr high at 22 5/8%; 1930′s unemployment; hyperinflation followed by deflationary depression; 13.8 TRILLION for Europe; BOA going under; Social Security; medical reform act will let you die; Mexican healthcare; greed of medi-sin and big pharma; rationing health care in UK & Canada; Price of gas $5 – $5.60; food prices doubling; China/Russia and the U.S. dollar and more!


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