Meria With Eric Herm – Son of A Farmer, Child of the Earth

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12/29/10 Eric Herm went from sportscaster to farmer. Meria Heller interviews Eric on his fabulous book “Son of A Farmer, Child of the Earth, A Path to Agriculture’s Higher Consciousness”. We have less than 1% of our farmers left in America – how would we survive another Great Depression? After the Civil War 67% of Americans farmed and were self sufficient; Today we have more prisoners than farmers; Food production needs to be the center of every community; Brainstained where nature is concerned; Our bodies and the food we eat; GM food is TOXIC, animals won’t eat it if given a choice; Immune system and nature; there is power in knowledge, and we HAVE the power; Big Pharma and Big Farma; Hollywood’s depiction of farmers – why? ecological farming heals the Earth; the pesticide industry doesn’t need to exist; anti depressants; Seeds and life; Monsanto is to the agricultural world what Goldman Sachs is to the financial world; 400% increase in food allergies; clean water running out; Findhorn Garden in Scotland. Eric is a farmer who knows his politics and spirituality. Great combo!


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4 Responses to "Meria With Eric Herm – Son of A Farmer, Child of the Earth"

  1. Edward Safranski says:

    Hi Meria,
    Great interview with Mr. Herm, even though I prefer hemp to cotton. I’ve always wanted to own a farm, especially if I could grow hemp. I’ve been telling people for years that hemp can be made into 25,000 industrial products. Hemp makes superior plywood than trees, better paper than wood pulp, better fabric than cotton and it can also be made into plastic that unlike petroleum plastic is biodegradable. It can be made into fuel and also into resin composites strong enough to build even military aircraft. Imagine twenty million American farmers growing hemp to supply tens of thousands of American factories employing millions of Americans. What would that do to our economy? And hemp actually enriches the soil it grows in while requiring absolutely zero pesticides! Plant hemp on a few acres and then next year grow vegetables, the veggies will be much more nutritious! Those are all reasons why hemp is illegal in this insane country run by criminals and inhabited by idiots. Hemp could save America so the criminal scum who run this country made it illegal and keep it illegal in spite of all common decency. I will probably buy his book through your link. I love the idea of being a farmer. thanks eddie.

  2. Laurel C B Stranaghan says:

    Got to Here from Eric Herm’s blog and got there from a Texas Public Radio 89.1 FM audio interview. The interview piqued my interest and FB led to the website & on to the Blog. Love the music! OMG, Eric, you are The Man, truly a 2nd millenium being. In the space of thirty minutes I’m already a huge fan and can hardly wait to get my hands on your book. What an amazing, healthy person! Wonderful that you have a family, tomorrow’s promise. Thanks to you for your works and contributions to helping make the world a better place. The future looks brighter, already. Big smiles in Comfort Texas this morning,
    P.S. Link to the audio portion didn’t work for me.

  3. Meria says:

    now that this interview is in the archives, one needs to subscribe to avail themselves of it. Glad you enjoyed it!

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