Blood & Guts with Meria and Jack Blood

1/26/11 Blood & Guts with Meria Heller & Jack Blood.  SOTU or STFU? Using the shooting in Tucson to the bi-partisan theatrical presentation; Obama-will he make us pine for a Jeb for President? Reagan, his son, the Hinckleys, the shooting and alzheimers; Rahm Emmanuel – why not just buy Chicago? who benefited from the shootings in Tucson? Who was Judge Roll? divide and conquer; mind control and manchurian candidates; don’t criticize the federal govt; profiling Americans; John Wheeler’s murder (top security clearance for chemical and biological warfare); where was the security? Another stand down; 9/11 markers; hidden messages in numbers; bubonic plaque 2012? Steve Spielberg & George Lucas; Andrew Wakefield and vaccines; eugenics; tattoos – fun and a way to be permanently identified better than a chip; spy blimps; Japan’s Jurassic park; canaries in a coal mine; are the riots set up by the CIA? Israel & Tunisia; China? Moscow bombing – a shot over the bow? decentralizing banking and much more.


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  1. Edward Safranski says:

    I just bought the Grim Reaper book, will read it soon. Regarding the bubonic plague, I read an obscure book many years ago. I can’t remember the title or the author but one page I remember in particular was about the bubonic plague. There are medieval texts, describing in medieval language, seeing “demons” which sound exactly like modern soldiers wearing NBC suits, (nuclear biological chemical). These “demons” were also described as waving a wand, or a spray nozzle. The author of the book suggests that the bubonic plague back in the 1300′s was a bioweapon promoted by an advanced and evil culture. Before anyone laughs, there are numerous instances of advanced technology being used in the past, like the pyramids etc. So why not biowarfare back in the medieval days?

  2. terry walker says:

    Jack Blood may be onto something with the Egyptian uprising, here is an article in the U.K. Telegraph based on a wikileaks document that claims the U.S. is backing the protests:


    There’s also a link to the original document in the article.

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