Meria With Dr.Craig Martin Elemental Love Styles

Who Are You?

1/19/11 Meria Heller interviews Dr.Craig Martin on his book “Elemental Love Styles, Find Compatibility and Create a Lasting Relationship“.  Did your astrology change? astronomy vs. astrology; the difference between love and romance; compatability based on your deepest needs;intuition and picking out a partner; hormones and attraction; trapped in a pattern; do you truly understand yourself? integrate romantic gestures into reality; the 4 elements and your health and your love life; elements pre-date astrology; we all have aspects of each element within us; Obama & Michelle – their elements; the basics of each element; “your realness is what attracts a partner to you”; astrology this year is tumultuous, a return to the sixties; class of govt control vs. the renaissance of the individual.


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