Meria With Rhonda Cook -Transitioning From Corporate America

Off the Treadmill

1/4/11 Meria Heller interviews Rhonda W. Cook, Workshop facilitator and author on her book “Transitioning From Corporate America to Entrepreneurship, A Strategic Plan for Leaving Corporate America“. You need a plan to escape Corporate America; engrained in the corporate world (Meria was too); what to leave and how to leave; family and friend support is necessary; are you ready to commit? the media’s part in shaking people’s confidence about jobs and the economy; confidence is key – how to find it; what to say to naysayers; do what you are passionate about; money is not the right motivator; commitment; the value of quiet; a cog in the system; corporate America has no soul; integrity; own who you are; assess yourself; Tahiti and the job mentality; quality of life – what’s it worth? Very upbeat tone to todays show.


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