Meria With Ellen Brown – No Bailout for Main Street

Ellen Brown, Attorney

2/1/11 Meria Heller interviews Ellen Brown, attorney and author of “Web Of Debt“. “The Federal Reserve was set up by Wall Street FOR Wall Street; no bailout for the States or Main Street,USA; $12.3 TRILLION¬† advanced to the banks, less than 1% of that would bail out the States; credit not cash; fleeing municipal bonds; States should have their own banks like North Dakota; “The Non-Partisan League”; bank consolidation; will the bottom fall out again? Too big to fail? Egyptians live on less than $2 a day; the shadow banking system; commodities that hurt the people; gold-another bubble; 30′s depression and todays depression; “midnight at Walmart”; 6 States for public banking; Wall Street perpetrators; loans-credit-rentals; MERS; foreclosure-gate; our banking system as a ponzi scheme; money vs. debt; destroying the middle class by design; auditing the fed, two years behind and more.


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