Meria With Jack Allis Visions of 2012 and the Shift

Ticket Through 2012

2/22/11 Meria Heller interviews Spiritual Teacher and author Jack Allis on his excellent book “Prophecy,Challenge & Blessing, Visions of 2012 and the Shift”.  Does the world blow up on 12/21/12? indigenous spirituality; the important of ceremony (ritual) in our lives; ways to enhance one’s spirituality; shifting energies of transformation rocking people’s reality; how to regain your balance; minimize fear; mantras;traps of the material world; sustainability; the white man’s world; living with the proper vibration;natural or super-natural? the shift is happening; the Photon Belt; Earth cycles; man made components to problems; solar system heating up; the genetic hybrid of the white race; this paradigm is an illusion; ET’s, Star Beings, Visitors, Jesus; Reassume responsibility for your life; how to unplug from the system and much more.


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6 Responses to "Meria With Jack Allis Visions of 2012 and the Shift"

  1. James Brocato says:

    I love this show. I particularly liked how it came forward that – even if one may not be able to currently change their “outward” life situation (job, etc.) – one may still go INWARD to to unplug, to disconnect.

    Recognizing and activating the power of choice to unplug, to disconnect, truly empowers an individual – even when all around many or most may be living, breathing, talking, and being consumed by “the matrix”.

    This message, as well as many others in this “Meria” installment, are what I consider essentials for navigating this period of the space-time dimension in which we find ourselves.

    Thank you to both Meria and Jack for bringing forward this delightful conversation and sharing!

  2. meria says:

    Hi James,
    Glad you liked this show, I did too and I think it shows. Our spirituality and walking the talk is of tantamount importance as we move through this shift into a new paradigm.I highly recommend his book too.

  3. Kyal says:

    I was listening to this show yesterday and I noticed how you mentioned that Christchurch had an Earthquake that day (a magnitude 6.3), when you recorded the show on the 22nd of Feb.

    I live in Christchurch and was working in the middle of town where most of the damage was. I had just finishing my lunch break and had gotten back from the cafe where I’d brought a coffee to wake me up for the afternoon. I’d had a couple of sips of my coffee then the earthquake hit. The building I was in was damaged quite a lot; a roof panel bar fell down and swung in front of my face and everything on my desk went flying! I fell out of my chair and just held onto the table freaking out like everyone else in the office.

    Like all my workmates we just left the office and it took me almost 5 hours to drive home which normally only took me 12 minutes to drive. There was water everywhere – buildings falling down, I saw people covered in blood, the aftershocks are hard to describe as I could see the road buckle and the concrete crack! My house was trashed and took me 3 days to clean the mess – no power or water for a month, but I was fine compared to most – I’m so lucky as my house is liveable… There are so many thousands of people have lost their house. My workmates study buddy died in one of the fallen buildings, so sad…

    I’m leaving this reply only because – after listening to this show I was relaxing then – wham! Another earthquake, a 5.5 magnitude – these earthquakes just CRAZY.

    Interesting times. :o)

  4. meria says:

    It must be pretty freaky to be in an earthquake. The few little ones I’ve felt in Vegas and Phoenix were upsetting
    enough. The timing of listening and experiencing another must have been even weirder.I’m glad you’re safe.

  5. hchofien says:

    I love this show, thank you.

  6. Meria says:

    you are most welcome

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