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2/24/11 Meria Heller’s take on the news: Michigan Protests; Indiana Protests; The Koch brothers hatred for the American worker; gay marriage; Don’t ask, don’t tell still in effect; Az wants worse immigration laws; Assange can be extradited; Wis. Gov Scott Walker gets pranked; Indiana official said “use live ammo on protesters” (good ole USA); rising gas prices; Az wants to rape pensions; Emanuel new King of Chicago; Toyota & Ford recalls; Limbaugh calls Michelle fat; cellphones alter brain activity; baby dolphins washing up dead in Gulf Coast; Courts protect vaccine makers; Petraeus false accusations; Israel/US test missile off Calif; Libya bombs it’s own people; Greece may quit Euro; more solar flares on the way; Volcano erupts in Philippines; 6.3 in New Zealand;who are the billionaires Koch how far is their reach? Palin tell-all book exposes her for the lying nut she is; Corporations don’t need American workers anymore; Huffington – always a sell-out; political scandals;losing our democracy;Toyota cleared of acceleration cases; new Panama Canal? Smoking ban in NYC, what’s next? breastfeeding prevents fat kids; and more stuff.


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  1. maureen o'brien says:

    Rush Limbaugh – why can’t these people (Cheney, Turd Blossom Rove, Scumsfeld et.al.) just DIE ! I know, it’s not right, but these misogynists and profiteers of murdering the innocent – yes, Rush because he’s an agenda pusher – George H.W.Bush, Prince Philip, David Rockefeller, Aleister Crowley’s daughter Barbara Pierce? Bush etc. – they just won’t DIE ! Reptiles, people, Reptiles. Cold-blooded, incapable of empathy. Also, what’s up with Jesse Ventura’s show? The FEMA Camp one has been removed from TruTV and they are trying to pull it off of You Tube. Think about it – WE SHOULD ALL BE TAKING TO THE STREETS protesting this corruption of our Constitution and Bill of Rights and the Oil/Opium War and economic collapse, as was done in the Sixties, but NO, flouride has cooked the majority of the sheeple or too many people saw the riots in Egypt and figured Jesse wasn’t lying. I could go on, but the HAARP Machine is creating an earthquake, cyclone, hurricane and tornado in what’s left of my brain. Love Ya Baby – my subscription is one of the best purchases of my life. (The other was prescription for Medical Marijuana to help with the anxiety to deal with the madness :p )

  2. maureen o'brien says:

    P.S. I want a shirt of Sarah Palin the Obtruncated Stump version cuz she can’t see Africa from her house. Love, Mo

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