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3/8/11 Meria Heller hosts Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster on world events and the economy. America of the future; One world government;unions-embryonic stage in Wisconsin; will States go bankrupt? Losing retirement in Alabama; Inflation to go to 14% this year, 25% next; Write Bob@intforecaster.com for free copy of his newsletter; Middle East a distraction from the mess of the U.S. economy; Mubarak refused to back US invasion of Iran; All pre-planned; where’s oil going? What happens if the House of Saud collapses? foreign troops; Canada’s “army”; Tunisia – a black op; Real unemployment 22.4%; would the govt shut down? What do we need a federal govt for? Zimbabwe selling uranium to Iran; Rahm Emanuel stole Chicago; Wall St. cartel; 3rd world lifestyle coming to America; interest rates; self-sufficiency and U.S. oil and more “stuff”.


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  1. maureen o'brien says:

    Today, March 9 ,marks the 14 year anniversary of Christopher ‘Biggie’ Smalls’ murder by off-duty LAPD officers, and Lil’ Kim was on a radio show talking about ‘The Bigger Picture’ behind his murder and of course Tupac’s. She said that ‘THEY wouldn’t stand for Biggie or Tupac running for mayor because with their fans either one of them would get voted in, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger did in California.’ She said it’s ‘more than Suge Knight’, like he was a pawn in the game. He spent lots of potential ‘MK’ time behind bars and like Laurel Canyon plays out – generationally speaking – maybe THEY looked into their Crystal Ball and saw these two as leaders that today could have posed quite a threat to the Illuminaughty plans. Don’t have a link, but I’m sure you can find it on You Tube. I hope it doesn’t get her killed.

  2. meria says:

    Great interview with John Potash in the archives on the murder of Tupac and many others. Check it out.

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