Meria With William Hathaway -Radical Peace!

"Peace, You Can Have It If You Want It"

4/5/11 Meria interviews ex special forces soldier William Hathaway on his book “Radical Peace, People Refusing War”. Losing our children to the vicious fraud of war;Orwell’s prediction “endless wars”; fighting for empire; creating new enemies worldwide;revenge is a part of their moral code-an obligation; Obama is the ultimate cosmetic change; Were Native Americans terrorists or freedom fighters? Is violence a way to solve problems? Obeying violent governments; left wing crushed all along; US run by the rich; leaderless resistance;Awol, deserters, radical actions against military,rapes in military; any real hope in our present govt? Are protesters terrorists? what is your spiritual responsibility? Love and fear; PTSD – moral trauma; T.M. – Operation Warrior Wellness through transcendental meditation; de-stressing;Bobby Darin’s “Simple Song of Freedom”; peace can happen! peace and our current economic system.






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