Stars R Us – with Meria & Joseph Anthony

Mercury Retrograde until 4/23/11

4/13/11 Stars R Us with Meria & Joseph Anthony. This is a month of extremes; solar activity; Mercury retrograde until the 23rd; stay alert, centered and fully present; Neptune in Pisces; conflicts, impulsiveness;military aggression-Libya; Full Moon on the 17th; What areas to look out for this month worldwide; Will Japan be contained? This July/Aug for the USA; relationships being tested this month; your astrology by sun sign for the month; what sign is your State? Does that affect you? Sedona and the Four Corners – portals of energy and much more.




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  1. maureen o'brien says:

    Mr. Anthony has a great way of explaining astrology for the layperson. I was looking at what was going on the last time Uranus changed signs as the planet stays in the sign for 7 years and sets the tone for that particular time period and guess what happened last time? The Idiot King invaded Iraq on March 10th 2003 ! There are no coincidences! When I lived in Prescott years ago, I knew some Native women that lived in the Granite Dells and they both were quite horrified at how the shysters were trying to capitalize on the whole ‘Vortex’ thing. Pink Jeeps trampling over sacred ground for tourists etc. They explained to me that their Elders said Sedona was a sacred place where tribes went to pray, meditate and do spiritual quests and then LEAVE. ‘The White Man has no respect for age old customs’. So true.

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