Meria With Adara An D’Rianna “Loving Yourself Free of Charge”

5/11/11 Meria interviews the founder of Rainbow Creators Adara An D’Rianna on her book “Loving Yourself Free of Charge, Clearing the Emotional Blocks That Stop You”. Everyone has emotional blocks that stop them from being who they really want to be; Adara walks the talk; how she survived a staph infection using these techniques;bring your attention to your body; practical or magical; what is charge? Emotional toxic waste; detach from letting your emotions rule you; 16 insights;running your energy vertically; what is a super ordinate yes? Are you willing to love yourself right now? feeling and knowing yourself in your experiences;triggers;basic form of love is acceptance;reacting from a program or presence? energetics of charge. Everyone can use this information.






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  1. Edward Safranski says:

    Great show I immediately ordered the book.

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