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5/26/11 Meria Heller‘s take on the news: Storms continue in USA; no-fly zone for Texas? TSA at high school proms; Giffords shooter not fit for trial; John Edwards facing indictment; Fukishima – worse than ever; Yemen on fire; Amex and medical marijuana;Moroccan youth protest; John Lindh’s father on death of Bin Laden; ash cloud stops flights; bat disease in Maine; Amazon activist killed; cell phone dangers confirmed; traders sued by US for oil price manipulation in 08; Preacher calls Oct end of world now; world animosity builds against Netanyahu; Scotland’s wind storms; 100x more leaking from Fukishima; major crime in US down to levels of 40 yrs ago while police state grows; Obama doesn’t need Congress approval on war in Libya? 448 Natl. Guard off to wars; Bhutto denied US protection before her murder; British cops to carry weapons; the secret Patriot Act; Shared values of UK & US must lead the world? Swiss to phase out nuke power; Gates want to stay longer in Iraq; 3 tornadoes in Northern California; Egypt opens Rafah crossing; Iran’s largest lake almost gone; China’s drought and water shortage worsens;Judge voids Wisconsin union laws;  and more “stuff”.





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3 Responses to "Meria With the News"

  1. john forsyth says:

    We need to pass a peoples’ initiative in each state reaffirming that we have the right to travel without being searched and our things confiscated. The people who work for the TSA are “just following orders” and they will do anything they are told. So we the people need to pass legislation in each state ending their ability to transgress our human rights within our airports. And if their threat is to shut the airports, so be it. Call their bluff and let us see what this organization is all about. They are marching us through machines that have high levels of radiation, and these machines are not healthy for our children. They are sexually violating young babies and children and the woman and men. We need to stand up against this kind of violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS and we need to do it now!
    On avenue would be to get signatures on an initiative, so that it would be put up to a vote by the people, who will affirm the right of all persons to conduct their business and move freely without being subjected to unconstitutional search and seizure without a warrant or probable cause. They are treating the people like we are all criminals, and that makes them the criminals. No police or FBI can stick their hands down our pants, how is it that these criminals are allowed to do this? They all need to be prosecuted and sent to jail for violating our constitutional rights!
    John Forsyth

  2. Deborah Alexander says:

    It is interesting to see that Obama – a much more charismatic and eloquent personage than either of the Bushes or ReaGUN or even Clinton – has taken the warmongering and world divisiveness to an even greater level. As the world turns…..

  3. maureen o'brien says:

    I hear ya Deborah. How sad for Americans of African descent to finally have representation in The White House and this is his legacy. I voted for him, although I realize it’s no coincidence that the Bilderbergers meet in the U.S. every 4 years right before the National D+R Conventions to select the next puppet. Can’t they ask for the Nobel Peace Prize back? He’d probably say ‘Indian Givers!’. This is just one more confirmation for those in the know that we are marching closer and closer to One World Order, One World Religion and One World Army. Next, the Invasion from Aliens!

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