Organic Transitions with Meria & Ronnie Cummins

Blackwater works for Monsanto!

5/24/11 Latest “Organic Transitions” with Meria & Ronnie Cummins, President of Organic Consumers Organization. Mexican drug cartels; 40,000 Mexicans killed the last few years; the war on drugs is replacing the war on terrorism; Drugs are a medical problem, not a police problem; Fukishima – where’s the media? 400 reactors around the world; rising radiation levels, what you can do; our food already irradiated in the US thanks to the FDA; Irradiation funded by the nuclear industry; radiating Iraq & Afghanistan with depleted uranium; will there be a tsunami on the West Coast? Labeling our food; EU rejects GE food; GE animal feed -just as dangerous; cloned animal products; climate friendly food; ward off contamination with miso soup, tamari and more; seafood? a healthy attitude; Get Up, Stand Up by Bruce Levine; Where are the young leaders in the USA? debt, brainwashing, drugs; we need self respect and self confidence; the Spain protests; the end of the global capitalist system 12/21/12? Whole Foods and arrests of OCA members in Chicago; food dump at Trader Joe’s; 1200 billionaires, 10 million millionaires and 1500 big corporations run the world (do the math).




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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    As if I needed more reason(s) to be an organic vegetarian, along comes this show. In spite of the seemingly impossible odds and horrors that exist in the world, Ronnie Cummins is so optimistic and enthusiastic, and just keeps plugging along. He is such an inspiration!!!

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