Meria With Shaun Attwood “Hard Time”

Shaun Attwood

6/21/11 Could this happen to you? Meria interviews Shaun Attwood, author of “Hard Time, Life With Sheriff Joe Arpaio In America’s Toughest Jail”. From millionaire to inmate; 6 yrs for dealing ecstasy; blogging prison stories; 40 cents a day “food”?; lawsuits against Arpaio; murder of inmates not convicted of anything; kangaroo courts; gang control of jails; bludgeoning people into plea deals (less work, more money); racial divide in jail; KOS – kill on sight; 2/3′s have hepatitis C; guards murdering prisoners; learning to live in the present; the gift of yoga and meditation saved his sanity; unsentenced inmates; Sheriff Joe’s staged photo ops; violation of human rights;the system of injustice; court appointed attorneys; Tent city at 114 degrees; why and how Shaun started his blog and where he’s at today. This book is hard to read but important to know. In fascist America this can happen to anyone for any reason or no reason at all.








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