Meria With Victoria Collier & John Mulkins -The People’s Congress!

What better for the 4th?

7/4/11 This Independence Day Meria interviews two real patriots on a fabulous mission to reclaim our government – Victoria Collier & John Mulkins of The People’s Congress. Victoria is a life long activist on sustainability and election fraud (her dad and uncle were the Collier Brothers). Computerized voting machines; Stolen election of 2000; What happened to voter reform? Wisconsin voter fraud; we need transparency not audits; Obama and the left; corporatist candidates; Victoria’s work with Ronnie Cummins & The Yes Men; Consumption is killing us; people power; massive calls for uprising; elections, media, finances – all controlled; the Constitution -what it requires of each of us; the People’s Congress is NOT partisan; we need our sovereignty back over the government; abuse of power; the four freedoms and more. Let’s make this 4th count!




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4 Responses to "Meria With Victoria Collier & John Mulkins -The People’s Congress!"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    What an uplifting show today. It’s great to know there are still activists out there, busy activating, although it sounded like the two of them are feeling a little tired of having to keep “fighting the good fight” in the face of what most probably ARE insurmountable odds.

  2. meria says:

    Yes it gets hard being an unsung hero at times, but we all keep on going….I enjoyed it too.

  3. maureen o'brien says:

    This is some very exciting news Meria, This could be a real ‘eye-opening for the masses’ type of movement. I’m definitely in. I must say you have been on a roll lately – some of your recent shows and archive postings I’ve had to listen to twice to absorb all of the information. You should have a Netflix referral – I just got ‘Wag the Dog’ and ‘Soylent Green’in the mail today – lol.

  4. meria says:

    Am I going too fast? If so, todays show will fit the same category! Enjoy the movies! Thank you.

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