Conversations with David – Meria with David Icke

Meria and David

8/30/11 Conversations With David with Meria & David Icke continues. Today we go in depth on Fukishima , the economic crash worldwide, the radiation agenda.the Strauss-Kahn affair and Sarkozy; problem-reaction-solution – the London riots; we need to stop cooperating with the system; the London School of Economics-training ground for illuminati; the non human controllers “radiation agenda” see the movie “The Arrival”; Prince Charles, Prince William, Princess Diana -genetic bloodline marriages; David’s upcoming tour and new book; Fukishima – who did it? Was it the Mossad? Nuclear weapon? Who benefits? HAARP, microwaves, cosmic, DU, nuclear power/weapons all part of their plan; Magna BSP in Dimona Israel; was the earthquake and tsunami merely a cover for Fukishima? the big squeeze on mankind; IMF=Rothschilds; the debt ceiling in US and the super committee – end of democracy; It’s the CABALS military, not ours; wars of conquest; hybrid bloodlines; the Clintons and much more.






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  1. Cures Riches says:

    As much as I appreciate David Icke revealing his experience he really should use another term other than cabal. It’s too close to the term kabbalah and there is enough Jewish conspiracy crap out there. Silvio Berlusconi is about a thousand times richer and greedier than the other G8 leaders combined. Media monopoly stranglehold and bung bunga underage prostitutes. Does Silvio have to wear horns and a pointy tail? Some where in Davids’ memory is the monosyllabic toilet roulette, choosing spirit buddies and “who would you agree to murder?” as spirit. Hopefully David will figure it out cause he Meria and others aren’t shy about complaining.

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