Meria With Alexandra Paul – Baywatch Star and Activist

Alexandra Paul - Actress & Activist

8/2/11 Meria Heller interviews Alexandra Paul, Star of hit series “Baywatch” and over 75 movies. Today’s show  highlights  her activism and environmentalism.Her activism began as a child and hasn’t stopped; wrote Nixon at the age of 8; vegan; the decision to be “child free”; 1976 world population was 4 billion, today it is 7 billion; the dangers of overpopulation, consumerism; Nathan Runkle; Adding 80 million people a year even with deaths figured in; quality of life; need to stabilize and reduce our population; what is the optimal number of people? Are we consumers or citizens? birth control and education; our diet and the environment; 40% of all pregnancies unwanted or un-timed; The China Study by Colin Campbell (see archives); Will Tuttle’s work; solutions; the benefits of being an only child; how much is enough? Hollywood’s messages to our children and more.










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