Meria With Dr.Jack Pruett -The Grandest Deception-the Annunaki


8/31/11 Meria interviews Dr. Jack Pruett on his book “The Grandest Deception”. Think you know the Bible? Sitchin’s work? Today we stretch your mind around the founders of the slave race on Earth and their descendants who still rule; Who are the Annunaki? Zechariah Sitchin’s work and the Sumerian tablets; ancient aliens/astronauts; the Nephilim in the bible; God is love; it’s all one big lie based on false information; the Bible – a travesty of deception and a masterpiece of revelation; religious wars; how many Adam & Eve’s were there? Why? Cloning; manipulating DNA; hybrids; subterraneans; Gold and the Annunaki; Solomon’s temple; new Earth? where? what was Noah? serpent people; world leaders including George W cloned; freemasons; US founded to bring in the OWO; assassinations; mind control and radiation; signs and symbols; controlling the weather; Darwin & evolution; artificially created diseases; are they all evil? can we beat them? How?






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  1. maureen o'brien says:

    Dr.Pruett. seems like a down to Earth guy. In this realm of ‘Conspiracy Factualists’ He comes off as a true, painstaking researcher.It seems as though every time someone comes out with a ‘before the lifetime of Jesus’ scenario, there IS a built-in trigger that has a lot of people imprisoned by their 5 senses and programming. Zechariah Sitchen was also called ‘Disifo’, but whether he was or not. he still broadened a lot of people’s horizons about true origins Take whats best for you and leave the rest That’s the best thing, as we know not everything is not completely accurate.

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