Meria With Jim Fetzer

Meria & Jim - Chicago 2006

8/23/11 Meria talks with Jim Fetzer today about everything! Check out Jim’s blog too; Sovereign States vs. Obama; When did Gaddafi becomes an enemy? Mission Accomplished: Saddam taken out by Chris Wachter in a strategic strike, double taken out of the dirt; the double Bin Laden, story doubted by STRATFOR; It’s all lies and political theater; Navy Seals, why so many on one flight? LBJ – the Box 13 scandal; Mary Surratt & Lincoln’s assassination; nothing changes; $16 trillion to foreign banks and corporations, cuts for us; Judy Wood’s work “Where did the Towers Go”, why so upsetting to the truthers? fire vs. steel on 9/11; nanothermite vs directed energy weapon; Star Wars; Richard Grove’s work discounted at first; dustification of the South Tower; 9/11 was a complex plot with disinfo everywhere; CIA/MOSSAD/Defense Dept; check out Veteranstoday,Jim Fetzer.





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  1. maureen o'brien says:

    Brookhaven Labs supposedly took down Flight 800 and JFK Jr.’s as well. Lots of people at Moriches saw the ‘flash’ or the ‘beam’ before the plane came down. Also, isn’t it a tad strange that every Navy and Coast Guard vessel on the East Coast was looking for the wreckage? I was in Maine then and was on the water that day – not THAT hazy. His plane was fried – TPTB scooped up a double and took the beam energy cooked Cessna to the ritual sacrifice storage unit. Those were warm-ups for the real show. From the ‘dustification’ to the molten lava at the bases of the buildings, we were meant to look at this upside-down and black-is-white. Division is what ‘THEY’ were counting on – ‘My ‘Truth’ is ‘Truthier Than Yours’. It’s tri-angulated! Open season like Dallas. Catch ‘Suddenly’ from 1954 with Frank Sinatra – a script for sure! Great show and BIG laughs. Super info – Dr. Judy Woods NEEDS to hear this program. MUY IMPORTANTE !!!!

  2. Deborah Alexander says:

    The song you and Jim were trying to remember is “Kodachrome” by Paul Simon (i.e., “When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all….”). I think he could add another verse to that song now, 40 years later – concerning the even greater amount of crap kids have to learn nowadays in school. No wonder the dropout rate is so high, and climbing higher.

  3. Meria says:

    Thanks for the name of the song!

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