Meria With Sharon Lechter “Outwitting the Devil”

Sharon & Meria

8/16/11 Meria interviews author Sharon Lechter on Napoleon Hill’s manuscript turned book from 1938 “Outwitting the Devil, The Secret to Freedom and Success”. Napoleon Hill a spiritual man; why has this book been hidden since 1938? Think and Grow Rich was written in 1937. Self limiting beliefs;Napoleon’s interview with the Devil; this manuscript was hidden by his family for 72 years for fear they’d be killed; your life is your own creation – what are you creating? the biggest tool of the Devil is fear; faith or fear? fear of criticism; your “other” self; your inner voice; the law of attraction 1919; are you stopped in life? learning from adversity; the secret chapter; are you a drifter or non-drifter? eternal victims; economic reset happening; become a go-giver; the fear of poverty; control your own mind to outwit the devil; teach children how to think; negativity; women; divorce; the victim mentality and much more. Meria feels this is one of the best books ever.





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3 Responses to "Meria With Sharon Lechter “Outwitting the Devil”"

  1. James Brocato says:

    THANK YOU, Meria and Sharon, for bringing forward this great discussion about current events and OUTWITTING THE DEVIL.

    Inspired by the discussion, I pursued the unabridged audio version of the book. I’m only 2 hours into it and have loved every minute of it. Truth radiates from this book.

    The audio presentation is excellent. Sharon’s audio recording of her own annotations found in the text itself is great.

    Thank you both for bringing Light and inspiration!

  2. Sharon Steinhauer says:

    Just listened to the show. I am heading over to Barnes/Noble right now for the E-Book. Thanks for a great show!

  3. Cures Riches says:

    Pardon my criticism but the “devil” saying drifters were doing his bidding? This is the continuing dilemma of the fury tree hugging SLOTH and Mussolini, Berlusconi GREED. Hmm? Exponential Avarice or long finger-nailed tree huggers that like to sleep a lot? Cruelty and deception never seems to sleep. On a positive note, I’d like to thank Meria and Sharon for bringing some attention to a very taboo subject of pertinent spirituality. The discussion of the spirit channel as other is especially relevant. Thanks for letting me vent and appreciations for the book and interview exposing some spiritual experience. Cell phones and WiFi it ain’t. Cures

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