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9/12/11 Meria’s take on the news: UK’s weapons sales to Gaddafi; Egypt vs. Israel and US threats; Japan and Obama’s flight plans; Nuke plant explosion in France;BOA to cut 30,000 jobs; earthquakes; notes from listeners; Tanzanian ship sinks; Bush wants to take credit for Bin Laden; Other countries views of 9/11 (not good ones); Cameron on forfeit of moral high ground; longshoremen go wild for their jobs; mental facilities in Ill. to close; bone drugs and broken bones as a result; fear and hype all day 9/11; two journalists killed; Turkey & Gaza; Japanese official resigns over stating the truth; Obama feared Repug. retaliation if prosecution happened for war criminals under Bush; 9/11 and America’s decline; the phoney show on 9/11/01 by our “leaders”; Obama’s jobs plan; EU vs. GMO’s; Floods in Pa., Va.,Maryland; Jackie Kennedy vs. MLK; Cliff Robertson dies; Lewis-McChord Army base and suicidal maniacs; subsidies for video game makers; GPS vs. the 4th Amendment in Court; Cheney says Israel will attack Iran; JP Morgan balks at bank rules as “anti-American”; ground turkey recall; sea radiation off Japan triple what’s reported; Katia hits UK, Scotland & Ireland; $25 visitation fee for Az. prisons and more “stuff”.





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