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9/29/11 Meria With the news:Another Euro bailout; US #1 in global arms sales; The Robin Hood Tax; Obama’s hypocrisy to EU; The Yes Men say No; Beef recall; Superstorms to doom satellites; protests in Canada; top 1% richer in Canada; FBI’s star chamber; DHS to waive 36 environmental law; Iran treated our prisoners fine; nuke plant venting radioactivity in Michigan; India suing Monsanto; Facebook spies on you all the time; GM reverses their OnStar spying; Veterans try to arrest Rumsfeld; Palin worries about shackles; abuse in LA & Phx prisons; listeria in cantaloupes; Israel’s new settlements raise a ruckus; Navy detonates missiles under water; typhoon hits Manila; negativity towards DC off the charts; tomato pickers poisoned; Sarkozy losing; Occupy Wall St spreads across U.S.; war on journalists continue; flammable gas at Fukishima; 73 bank failures this year; Fed Reserve wants to spy on Social networks; pepper spray cop to be investigated; Michigan to jail teachers; pot smoker – no gun; Al Queda’s magazine; American arrested/entrapment by FBI for attack plan on Pentagon, and more “stuff”.




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