Meria With Will Tuttle – Food For Thought!

Will Tuttle & Meria

9/6/11 Meria interviews Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet. Will’s at the Grand Canyon, so we have fun trying to hold the connection! Check out Will’s latest article here;routine violence to animals and our suffering; 40% of Europeans suffer mental illness; Big Pharma/Farma owned by the same people; the food conspiracy for controlling us; 10,000 different drugs, hormones, etc approved for animal use; diet and diseases (who benefits); vaccines;Clinton/Gore on our diets; Starving in Somalia; manipulating food prices; losing 1 acre per second in the Amazon; Benevolent revolution; what you can do; love all life; question all official “stories”; plant based protein; all nutrients come from plants; Mad Cow or Alzheimer’s? Russian roulette on our dinner plates; slave choices; babies and baby food.





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