Meria With Bob Chapman-The International Monetary Forecast

Euro Going Bust?

11/08/11 Meria With Bob Chapman “The International Forecast”. Is the Euro about to go bust? worldwide protests-backfired on the OWO; What is the Tides Foundation and who’s in it? What do they bankroll? true unemployment figure; from banks to the credit unions, what did it cost the Fed? 3 yrs into inflationary depression; banking system has to go down, ending the power of the illuminati; Sarkozy and Obama’s not so private conversation; crystals, semi-precious stones going to China; Meria.net firewalled in China; China’s real estate will fall 30%; ours won’t recover in our lifetime, more cuts ahead; Will Greece drop out of the European Union? Wall St and the MF Global scandal; Americans in poverty without any disposable income and more “stuff”.





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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    It’s hard to believe that when you first started having Bob Chapman on your show years ago, I thought he was “way out there” and now I think he is an AMAZING prognosticator. So, either he has mellowed or I have….or maybe I’ve just gotten smarter from listening to him (and you)!!

    The government is currently getting rich off the backs of us small business owners – we have to pay exorbitant amounts of tax (and suffer perpetual audits), while the really big corporations pay nothing, or are subsidized by the taxpayers. Talk about a gouging!!

    As for the violent crime statistics supposedly going down. That is another little trick being played on us by the politicians. They have managed to achieve this NOT because the incidence of crime is really going down, but by restructuring the categories of crimes. Burglaries are no longer “violent,” although anyone who has suffered from that crime certainly feel violated and suffer from it. Probably rape is the next one to be recatagorized as a “non-violent” crime. Grrrrr.

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