Meria With James Fetzer – 48 yrs ago – JFK Blown Away

11/22/11 Meria with James Fetzer on the assassination of JFK, 48 years ago. Assassination intricately planned; Oswald not inside the book depository that day, he was outside with Billy Lovelady. Manipulated evidence, photos; Who was Will Fritz? Jim Marr’s “Crossfire”; how many shots/shooters? ; the grassy knoll; acoustical evidence; Mannlicher-Carcano incapable of the shots; Oswalds parrafin test – negative; no fingerprints either; revolver vs. automatic; 9/11 & JFK; Tried to set up Cuba and Castro; Oswald had no motive, means or opportunity; Bobby rendered impotent by LBJ; was he part of the cover up? LBJ, Mastermind of JFK Assassination; the 3 tramps; Woody Harrelson’s dad; the meeting the night before and Madeliene Duncan Brown , LBJ’s girlfriend; Bobby & Jackie “we know it was a high level domestic political conspiracy”; Roscoe White; CIA,SS,FBI, Politicians, Mob, Bush, Nixon, LBJ and special interests all involved.




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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    I have read many books on this subject and watched recreation documentaries, but nobody can pull it all together and explain it so cut-to-the-chase as does Jim Fetzer. Great interview!

  2. meria says:

    thanks, I agree!

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