Meria With Melvin Goodman -U.S. Foreign Policy and Militarization

11/15/11 Meria with Melvin Goodman, Senior Fellow -Center for International Policy with 42 years of Govt Service, Intel, CIA Whistleblower, writer and more. Why did he resign from the CIA? Robert Gates, William Casey – distortion of intelligence; Obama’s national security team abysmal;danger of Presidents who haven’t served in the military; political-ization of intelligence; ignorance of foreign policy; Iraq – total FUBAR; both wars lost; the costs of the wars; No. Korea ripe for a diplomatic solution, not military; the candidates for 2012 – ignorant and politically illiterate; “Don’t underestimate the ignorance of the American people”; the supercommittee; the media ignoring the Occupy movement; we’ve created an arc of crisis worldwide; paranoia; civil liberties gone; why wasn’t anyone fired after 9/11? Congress – useless – purchased or leased? do we need a Marine corp? people need to demand change and more.






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2 Responses to "Meria With Melvin Goodman -U.S. Foreign Policy and Militarization"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    Very interesting interview. I do disagree with him about 9/11 having been carried out by “furriners,” but I do agree with him about the resultant “9/11 psychosis.” I definitely disagree that with him about his assessment that there was “disorder” on 9/11 among the people charged with our national security – I think it was EXTREMELY orderly….to the nation’s detriment and to the benefit of those wealthy bastards in charge at the time. I was very, VERY interested in his comment about how constituents are not calling their representatives with demands for change in foreign policy. Obviously, if “they” perceive all of us to be asleep on the subject, it gives them license to ram through more war and “homeland security” measures to continue to drain the country’s resources and cause us all to live in a friggin’ prison.

  2. meria says:

    yes, I believe I said something like this on his reference to 911 ” a topic for another day”. It amazes me how many still believe the lies of 9/11.

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