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Black Friday Indeed

11/27/11 Meria  With the News: Sirhan Sirhan seeks release; NATO hits nuclear Pakistan; Pope defends his cover up of pedophiles; NASA to Mars – why? Black Friday terrorism at Walmarts across America (more reason not to shop there); Mexico asks ICC to investigate Calderon for crimes against humanity; NATO bombs kids in Iraq & Afghanistan for Thanksgiving; Anonymous message to “officer” John Pike; US weapons suppressing protesters in other countries; turkey 3x the MRSA virus than other animal meals; earthquake reports; geomagnetic storm; Free trade deal with So.Korea; Nepal vs. Monsanto; Banks and DC lobbying; 19 yr old miscarries after cops kick and pepper spray her; Scott Walker’s death threats towards recall-ers; Bachmann leaked classified info on Pakistans nuke sites; Ron Paul about the lost war on drugs; Russia vs. US missile sites; Portugal downgraded to junk status; Bush/Blair found guilty of war crimes; Obama heckled by OWS; General Strike 11/28; the evil that is Lt. John Pike; another $101 billion for Afghanistan mercenaries while 50% of Americans live in poverty; 4,984 US dead in illegal wars; no lawyer/client privacy at Gitmo (yes, it’s still open); was Texas water plant hacked? canned soup is poisoning you (BPA); BP gags it’s own lawyer; PTSD, could it be guilt? Bradley Manning’s military tribunal 12/16; 17 Detroit cops suspended (99%); UK to have strikes; Germany uses water cannons on protesters ; Using the MILITARY TO ARREST/LOCK UP AMERICANS ANYWHERE FOR ANY REASON; UK prepares for riots when euro crashes; LA vs the OWS tomorrow.



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