Meria With Aaron Kaplan – Return of the Annunaki

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12/6/11 Meria interviews Aaron Kaplan a second time on his book “Deep Analysis,Frightening Conclusion“.  Stargates, artifacts in Iraq; Sitchin’s playing cards; giant structures built in Iraq by US – why? why 45′ ceilings and Blackwater guards; Vatican employees & NASA; Exopolitics; Andromeda-Reptilians-Greys; 3 ships approaching Earth; who are the Seraphim and their leader? Mars; wrecks on the Moon; the banished ones; landing strip in Peru; see thru plasma spaceships; shape shifters; Human DNA corrupted; Righteous =DNA; Moses, Noah, Jesus; Flower of life; the Goddess Ishtar; Jesus & Apostles; Noah’s 8 people; the book of Enoch; why alter our DNA and more.





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  1. Edward Safranski says:

    Hi Meria,

    good show with Kaplan. He said a few things that were also said by Bob Frissell at the flower of life, Drunvalo Melchizidek seminar, namely that the grays have all left the planet and that many of the UFOs are actually the Merkaba energy fields of advanced beings. Stuart Wilde has also said that many UFOs are actually shape-shifters, just as Kaplan said during this show. Eddie.

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